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BACI Open House-2014

BACI Open House-2014

Added on : 01-24-2014
Uploaded by : admin

Chin TV cabang loin in thlir ringring tu duhdawt mi nu le pa , u le nau pawl nan dam cak cio hai maw? Bawikhrih hmin in Chin TV in  nan kut nem kan lo kai a si.

Jan 20,2014 Martin Luther King, Jr Day ah Burmese American Community Institute (BACI) tiih theihmi Indianapolis ih um pawlkom in Open House program an nei. Cuih Open House ahcun Chin mi lak sung ihsin kan misran pa le pawl lawng siloin Senator Brent Waltz le midang mi thupi tampi sawm an si.

Tuitum BACI ih an neihmi Open House program hi ziang asi timi mipi in kan thei fiang thei sinsin nak ding ah le BACI in ziangpawl an tuah theimi thei sin nak dingah Chin TV thlir cio ding ah kan lo sawm a si.

Note:Chin TV in tulsammi thil tampi a nei hrih ruangah sumpai le thil ri thawn siseh nan bawm nak kan tul ringring a si. Bawmnak $5 khal co hlang thei thotho asi ih bawm nak pek duh pawl in chintvchannel@gmail.comasiloewww.chintv.orgah (paypal) thawn bawm theih a si thu khal kan lo than cih fawn.

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