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Michigan Cup, July 4th Week News, Rev.Hre Mang Interview

Michigan Cup, July 4th Week News, Rev.Hre Mang Interview

Added on : 07-31-2013
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Chin miphun zaten,

Chin TV in nan kut nem kan lo kai. Tuitum Chin TV ah Rev. Hre Mang United Way of Central Indiana pawl hnen ihsin laksawng a ngah thu, July 4th ramsung ramleng thuthang a phunphun le Michigan Cup Final zuam aw nak pawl zoh theih in a um. A zohtu mipi zaten kan lungkim in kan diriamzet ding khal ah ruahnak kan nei. Leitlun Chin mipi zaten in Chin TV tha a pek vek in Chin TV khal in nasazet in hmai nor in hihnak in tha sinsin ding in a zuam vivo ding. Chin TV ah sum le saw thawm bawm duh pawl hrang ah saangka kauzet in onn a si. Chin TV ah world news (political,sports,entertainment) lawng siloin Public education le Chin mi (Lai,Zomi,Mizo) pawl ih thutheih thatha hmuahhmuah hlawm nak innpi a si. Pa Pathian in nan hnatuan nak ah hlawhtling nak lo pek cio hram seh tiah duhsak nak hlah phah in …..

July 4th news,Rev.Hre Mang Interview,Michigan Cup Final Zuamaw Nak


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