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Emily Ngun Hlei Sung @ iChinTV

Emily Ngun Hlei Sung @ iChinTV

Added on : 01-22-2014
Uploaded by : admin

Chin TV duhdawt in catbang loin tha in petu Chin mipi nan zaten Bawikhrih hmin in nan kut nem kan lo kai a si. U le nau nan zaten Chin TV ih branch pakhat asimi iChinTV program zohtlang ding ah kan lo sawm . Tuitum iChinTV ah USA Indianapolis ih um Gospel hlasak thiam milar Mai Emily Ngun Hlei Sung in “Cite Bangin” timi Pathian thangthatnak hla mawi ngai ding ah kan lo sawm a si.

Hmunkip ih um Chin mino zaten nan neihmi talent mak zetzet pawl cu  chintvchannel@gmail.com ah in kuat cio ding ah kan lo sawm a si. Chin TV in tulsammi thil tampi kan nei lai ruangah sum le saw thawn tla in bawm duh nan um le in bawm thei ringring a si.

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